Diary written by the Goats

Hi there! It‘s Sencha and Hojicha, the Obubu Goats!
It’s been a while since we wrote an article here!

We are doing fine as always! This year again, we did our best to weed the grasses of our little office tea field and around the Obubu House and the factory!
We were so busy during the on season that we even work out on new physical techniques to improve our weeding skills! Here are some examples of poses that we particularly like!

“The prayer”pose!


“The old man”pose!


“The bridge” pose!


“The unicorn” pose!


“The Diving” pose!


New method :use of the urban furniture!


Table climbing. Classic, but efficient!


Snake martial art!


Take a hooman nearby for support also works pretty well!

But this is not only what we did during all that time!
Of course, as Obubu staff members and famous icones of Wazuka, we also helped modeling for Obubu’s products promotional photos, and participated in our Tea Picking and Tea Rolling Event and Online Tea Party as the Obubu Mascottes!

(Halloween version)

AND—-!! We have actually a super exciting news for you guys!
Some of you may already know, but we’ve finally started our personal account on Instagram since September! The name of the account is @teagoats ! Go to check it out if you didn’t yet, and don’t forget to follow!
On this account, we publish a lot of photos and videos about our weeding sessions, our local events, our daily life in the farm and our walks in the tea village of Wazuka during when we love introducing you to really beautiful places!
We always have so much fun sharing our adventures with everyone and we hope you will enjoy them too!!

Our Mom and the Obubu staff always take really cool photos of us!
..Well, I have to say that we are very photogenic goats, so that helps…!

All the Obubu Tea Club Members! We would love to meet and guide you to our Tea Club Members Boards in our little tea field! ♡ Please visit us whenever you can!

Thank you so much for your continual support!

During a walk with our interns!

Of course, you can follow our adventures on our Instagram, but don’t hesitate to come to see us in Wazuka if you are already in Japan!

We are waiting for you! Stay safe!! See ya ♡

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