Matcha Hojicha Cookies

Hello everyone! This is Marie from Obubu!

The Tea Recipe that I would like to introduce to you today will probably sound familiar for some of you as our interns already made it so many times here at Obubu: the amazingly delicious “Matcha Hojicha Cookies”!

This time, the concept of this recipe video is a little different from the other I made so far.

Through this video, I wanted to show the wonderful ideas and highlight the talents of our internship students, who are always working hard in the shadows of the Obubu staff.

To do so, instead of thinking and making the recipe by my own, I decided to only shoot and edit the video, and to let our interns think about the recipe and cook it by themselves, with the only condition to use teas from Obubu.

So this little video was made in collaboration with our excellent cheffes interns #123 Mikie and #124 Claire!



Today’s recipe is based on the two original Matcha cookie and Hojicha cookie recipes that Mikie and Claire already made many times for everyone at Obubu! And it is actually a combination of those two cookies, resulting in a super big and extremely delicious two flavours cookie!

(to much “cookies” in this text…)

Regarding the flow and structure of the video, I mainly focused on scenes where Mikie is beautifully preparing the cookie dough.

I wanted to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed when watching this movie, so

I choose to film the movie in our beautiful tatami tearoom and tried to focus on Mikie’s hand’s slow movements and close shots of materials, so it is a little long and slow video of about 4 minutes.

The sounds of the cooking tools and the dough being prepared on a relaxing background music stimulate the senses for a soothing experience.

If you want to try the Matcha Hojicha Cookies at home, the recipe is already written in small subtitles in the video so you can follow it while baking!

If you have tried it with other arrangements, don’t hesitate to let us know and to give us your impressions!

We are thinking to make it with Japanese black tea (wakoucha) and genmaicha powder next time… stay tuned! ;)


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