Dusseldorf Japanese Tea Party – 2nd October, 2013

After leaving Hungary we are off to Dusseldorf in Germany. Dusseldorf is famous for having a large Japanese population, no wonder we could see many Japanese restaurants all over the city. The city also host the Japan day in May-the biggest event of such kind in the country.

Our tea events, though, are usually small and personable. The first event held in Dusseldorf was hosted by a tea house called Shennong, that takes the name from a historic province in China, where the tea is thought to have originated. Before the event we had a small chat with a shop owner Justus while tasting the teas that we have brought. It appears that Shennong is already selling Obubu’s matcha! We are happy to know that our tea has been ahead of us in reaching Europe.

Our tea party started later in the evening after the tea house was closed for the general visitors and gathered around 30 guests, from loyal Shennong customers and friends to their own employees wishing to learn about Japanese tea. Language (this time German) again was our challenge, but Justus was helping to get our message across in German as well as adding some of his own explanations. The atmosphere at first was a little tense, as Germans are said to be a bit reserved people, but Matsu-san`s yoga poses managed to get everyone laughing. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the event and left us very positive feedback. Even though in Germany tea is considered to be a drink for winder, we have a hope Dusseldorf maybe grow into a Japanese tea lovers` community appreciating tea all year round.

The event wouldn`t have been possible without our friends Daisuke and Lucilia, who not only took their time to arrange the venue and promote the event, but also kindly accepted us to stay at their home. We were in Dusseldorf for another day, so keep an eye on an update.

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