Emma Marie Suinat

Emma Marie Suinat, Denmark

Intern #162

Instagram : @emmasuinat


Before I got accepted to Obubu’s internship program I was studying literature at the university of Copenhagen. During my exam period this summer I found myself in a need of a break. This is when I applied to Obubu’s internship program. I have always wanted to travel Japan and discover it’s culture, history and dive even further into its tea history, processing and agriculture. I saw the internship program as a great opportunity to take a pause from one of my interest, literature, and focus on my other interest: tea and Japan. 

When I then got accepted, I did not take me long to pause my studies, buy a plane ticket and before I knew I was embarking on the journey with joy, excitement and curious on what the next three months was going to teach me about tea, Japan and myself. 


When looking back at my first two weeks at Obubu everything seems blurry. Everything was happening at a high pace and I was introduced to new people but also a new culture, and everything was happening with only a few hours of sleep, as the jetlag was rough on me. But when I finally got my sleep schedule turned around, I could immerse myself in the tea of Wazuka and tea knowledge. During my time here all my wishes got fulfilled. I learned about all the different aspects of the tea industry, and the tea culture and history in Japan. 

During my first weeks we were renovating the second floor of the sencha factory. It was hard labor and my body was exhausted, but I am so impressed by the team and myself, and how our hard and non-carpenter education work could build and create such a great communal space. I am very excited to keep following this project and see the final result of the community event space!

Then the autumn harvest arrived and I enjoyed harvesting in Aiomori with the assistant managers and Kayo-san, and with Akky-san in the different tea fields of Obubu. The autumn harvest gave me the opportunity to be with the tea from the beginning to the very end of the process, and hereby learn more about the agriculture in the fields and the processing in the factory. Observing and being a part of this process only increased my love for tea, as the process is very complicated and has to be done with such delicate precision. 

I am very grateful for all of the exploring I got to do around Japan both with my co-interns, and individually during my stay at Obubu. There is so much beautiful culture and many interesting cities to discover in Japan, and I am very grateful for the trips I got to take with my co-interns and explore Japan with them. 


Being a part of a small team of staff gave me the opportunity to follow each staff member and learn about tea and Japan from them, and I could pack my suitcase with having all of my questions answered and a lot of new tea, history and cultural knowledge. 

I have now returned home to Denmark and unpacked all my memories from Japan and time from obubu and given them a special spot in my apartment, so they can remind me of my time at Obubu every day. Within in the next couple of days I will start work again and in the new year I will start university. A Busy everyday life is in sight, but this time around I will have new knowledge that I brought home from Obubu and Japan. I am very thankful to everyone I met at Obubu, and will always remember everything they taught me about tea and enjoying every day! 

It has been hard to leave Obubu, but I know this is not the end. I hope one day to return and visit the beautiful tea fields of Wazuka and drink more Japanese tea!