Fabian Doliana

How would you describe the internship in three words?

Tea, exciting, learning

What were your expectations from the internship before you came to Obubu?

I didn’t have much expectations I always saw it as an adventure.

Did the internship meet your expectations?


If you can change anything in the internship, what would it be?

It is really hard to say, Obubu is always changing anyway with all the interns and new ideas by everyone there.

During which period have you been to Obubu?

October – December

Which year have you been to Obubu?


How was a typical day during your period?

The most typical things were the preparations for the tea tours, also the fall harvest was going on so those two things took the most time.

What was your best memory at Obubu?

There are so many, but probably the time we got invited to a japanese banquet in Uji by teafarmers from Fukuoka prefecture. Also riding back to the factory on top of the freshly harvested tea. Fun times.

What do you do now?

Still finishing my degree.

Did the internship help you to reach your goals?