It’s a Replant!

Hello everybody! ~ ^ _ ^

How are you?!


This time we will show you the second stage of replanting!


In the last time, where the tea plantation was, we dug out the soil and installed drainage pipes!

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I am digging a ditch with the excavator!

Originally, this was a bad place to grow, and in such places the water accumulated underground!


We needed to insert a drainage system to let water escape from the soil more easily.



Put the freshly cut bamboo on the bottom of the ditch, like this. Then cover it with bamboo leaves!


The bamboo leaves cover the holes in the bamboo and stop the soil from entering to allow the water to flow through the bamboo with more ease.


This keeps the soil in good condition ^ _ ^


Next we will turn over the soil and level it!


Looking forward to the next time‼ ️


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Akihiro Kita

Akihiro Kita, President of Kyoto Obubu Tea Garden.

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