Japanese Tea Events in Paris 6th-7th September, 2018

Paris was also a first – a first time to collaborate with the La QuitEssence tea school. We got a chance to meet the founder of the school – Carine, last year, when we stopped in Paris. We spent the whole afternoon chatting about tea, its flavours and aromas, that by the end we decided that we just had to work together and so an idea for this year’s event was born.

With the La QuintEssence school had only one event, but it was really unique – Sensory Workshop with Japanese Tea. The workshop gave an introduction to the sensory side of tea – flavor and aroma. After that everyone could learn about Japanese tea and evaluate several different kinds with their flavor and smell receptors.

Another event – in Paris Introduction to Japanese Tea was held in Tomo patisserie. We have held a tea event in Tomo last year and this year too we had a full house. It was great to meet people from various backgrounds coming together to learn about Japanese tea.

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