Kenji Tanimura

Saitama, Japan
Intern #126

Hello everyone!

I am intern #126 Kenji Tanimura! I came to Obubu in the winter of 2020 for the 3-month internship program. I didn’t know what to expect before coming to Obubu, but I believe that the Obubu staff had left a good impression with me when I had my interview.

When I arrived in Wazuka, I was blown away by the beautiful tea fields surrounding the area. From the get go, I started farming activities with Akky-san which was very great! Akky-san has such a nice personality as he is always giving his 200% everyday in his farming activities. The Obubu Staff in the office has always given me their full attention to nurture my knowledge of tea.

I really like making videos and photos, so just in time with the pandemic, Obubu was producing media for people around the world to fulfill their mission of spreading Japanese tea to the world. Part of this is producing useful, engaging, and informative content in different platforms such as social media and YouTube. I did my best to help the Obubu Team by having my input on these new activities for tea lovers to learn and enjoy tea wherever they are.

Thank you very much Obubu for teaching me a lot about Japanese tea and I would carry this knowledge for a long long time!