Luxembourg Japanese Tea Event – 7th September, 2014

The smallest country on the Euro Tour this year is Luxembourg, but having friends there waiting for Japanese tea, we didn’t dare to pass and stopped there for a day. Our hosts Tanja and Horst had joined Obubu Guided Tea Tour a couple of months ago, during which time we mentioned about the upcoming Obubu Euro Tour and Tanja casually invited us to come over to Luxembourg. Just a few months later we are here.

Most of the events on Obubu  Euro Tour were organized at either cultural organisations or tea rooms and cafes. Luxembourg was the only place, where we had a private tea tasting, and not anywhere, but at Tanja’s home. The event was split into two parts. The house had such a lovely Japan-inspired garden, and the weather was perfect, so instead of staying all the evening indoors we met the guests in the garden. To welcome the guests Matsu-san made a personal tea ceremony for everyone that came, and the waiting guests had a chance to hear tea stories from Wazuka and look though our scenic tea images. Some unexpected guests wanted to take part too;]

Once everyone tried a bit of Matcha we could go upstairs and sip a few more Japanese teas. Tanja had also prepared some home-made matcha icecream – so tasty! With a small number of guests the event  was personable and cosy, and we feel everyone was convinced to let Japanese tea in their hearts.

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