Nicole Froeschle

Stuttgart, Germany

Intern #118



Before Obubu

I’ve watched japanese anime since I was a little kid and therefore always had an interest in Japan. In spring 2018 I visited Tokyo for the first time and fell in love with it. When I returned to Germany, I always felt like I want to go back, but not just as a tourist. After some time of saving money, I quit my job, got a Working Holiday Visa and came to Japan in August 2019. With the intention of staying for a loooong time.


Why Obubu

My plan was to first learn some Japanese at a language school and then do something practical, so I was searching for internships. I found Obubu by chance on the internet and my first thought was “Internship on a teafarm? That means… I could work with und learn about something I love?!”. After that I researched a little more, visited Obubu during their World Tour in Berlin and joined GJTea as a translator. Since all of that left a really good impression, it was only natural for me to try and get into the internship program.


During Obubu

I came to Obubu in winter and damn was it cold. But the staff gave us new interns a warm welcome and a lot of tea. I met great people and started to learn about the tea basics, when my internship came to a sudden end. I was looking for a permanent job I could start after Obubu and got an offer from a language school in Fukuoka. They needed a new teacher, but quickly. Even though I would have loved to continue my internship, I couldn’t let this opportunity slide and decided to leave Obubu after only one month.


After Obubu

What is going to happen? Maybe I’ll be happy being a German/English Teacher, maybe I’ll go back to working with tea. The future is still uncertain but Obubu helped me to learn more about myself. I am sure that I’ll find the right way for me and one way or another tea will be a part of it.