Paris Japanese Tea Party – 6th October, 2013

Obubu’s stay in Paris was long and exciting and we got to say goodbye to the capital city with a bang. The final event in Paris, was a tea party in collaboration with our friend pottery master from Kyoto Nanzan-san. In addition to making beautiful pottery, he is also a co-owner of the Giro Giro restaurant, which has branches in Hawaii, Kyoto and Paris, where the event was hosted. This time it was Nanzan-san who was in the spotlight with his pottery exhibition. Event guests could admire and purchase unique handmade pottery from tea cups to rice bows and sake cups.

For us there was no strict schedule, so we could dedicate our afternoon to what we know and like the best – making tea. While serving our tea we had plenty of time to mingle and chat with the guests too. The event was also a nice occasion to have an Obubu family reunion. Angie, our previous intern from Lyon, joined the event with her family. It had been a month since she had left the internship program, so we were really happy to see her again. Our friends from Germany Daisuke and Lucilia, who helped in organizing Obubu’s events in Dusseldorf, stopped by too.

The atmosphere of the event was really vibrant and lively thanks to the rhythmic party-like music played by the owner of the Giro Giro restaurant in France. Even Matsu-san couldn’t stop bouncing to the rhythm while making tea. Guests were mingling leisurely around the restaurant space admiring Nanzan-san’s art and enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of champagne. Our tea was really popular though as the evening went darker it got a bit more into competition with champagne. Keen tea lovers, though, stayed with tea until the end of the evening.

That is all for our time in Paris. Next and final stop is Lyon!

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