Preston Japanese Tea Tasting Event – 28th September, 2013

Our UK trip started in London. We also got to visit Sheffield before going all the way to Preston.

The University of Central Lancashire was having an open day so they gladly asked us to join the department of languages and treat some Japanese green tea to potential students, parents and friends. The previous two days were quite intense due to a tight schedule and finally in Preston we could take it easy. The place we got was for all the afternoon, and instead of being in a rush with the set up, presentations and clean up, we could do it in a relaxed motion and have a more personal chat with everyone interested in Japanese tea.

We got to meet keen tea lovers as well as Japanese tea first timers. It is always fun to speak with visitors, who like tea and know something about it, as they have a keen interest to learn more. Even more fun is having a Japanese green tea tasting with someone who has never tried it before, and observe his/her reaction. We have seen a lot of suspicion at first from students and parents who received our tea, but just a few cups turned things over and we got some positive comments and real appreciation.

Having a relaxed afternoon we could speak with teachers too and what a blessing was to meet Dr. Robert Kasza. Such a lovely and helpful man who also brought us some good news. Apparently students on a Japanese studies course need to complete an internship in order graduate and we luckily have something exactly like that to offer,  so we may partner with the university in a very near future.

Pleasure was also to have our friend Tako from Sweet Octopus to serve matcha and mocha sweets next to us. She was the one who had connections with the university and helped us in organizing the event.
That`s all for the UK, next – Hungary!

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