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Lorene DARMAGNAC asked 8 years ago

My boyfriend and I are visiting Kyoto area next April, from april 20th to april 25th and we really would like to visit your farm. It would be perfect if we could attend a picking event! How many time before do you advise to book the events? I also would like to know how many time before the picking event do you publish the dates so that we could hope to join this event?
I have the project to open a tea shop in Marseille, France current 2017. I really would like to propose high quality teas, directly from the producers, so I am also interested in knowing more about your wholesales conditions, The problem is that my company is not established yet, so I don’t have a company name to communicate. Do you think it is possible for you to send me your catalogue and conditions?
Thank you very much in advance for your answers,
Best regards,

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Obubu Staff answered 8 years ago

Dear Lorene, thank you for the question. Tea picking and rolling events are held only once every season and  the dates for the tea picking and rolling events have now been announced (you can see them here). In April 2017 the event will be held on 29th April. If the date falls out from your travel plans we also have tea tours held on tuesdays and thursday, more information about which is here. If you are also interested in our wholesale program more information is here .