Robin Schmidt

Berlin, Germany

Intern #112


Instagram: komadori_chacha


Before Obubu

Because of being a student for Japan Studies / East-Asian Sciences in Berlin, I always felt connected to the Japanese culture. Since I had my very first matcha at a Japanese tea ceremony, I got very excited about Japanese tea. So, I decided to work part-time at a tea shop in Berlin, called Paper & Tea and was able to work very closely with tea and people who love drinking tea. That experience gave me the idea of opening my own tea business one day in Berlin.


Why Obubu

I came to Obubu because is started having the dream of my own tea business. I wanted to work around Japanese tea, so I decided, that I at least have to go once to Japan for learning about tea. After I heard about all the activities and chances I could have at Obubu, I had to go there.


During Obubu

During my time at Obubu, I achieved everything a planned before, and even more! Not only were I able to talk with so many people, really passionate and knowledgeable about tea, on top of that I was able to try so many things with fresh tea. Learning from Akky-san during farming and processing, having deep talks about tea varieties and the Japanese tea world with Hiro-san, and getting business tips from incredible Matsu-san. I also could learn so many interesting things from all the other staff members and gain knowledge thanks to their experiences.


After Obubu

Now after my three months in Wazuka, I feel like I made a big step forward to a new world.

Seeing the effort until we can have a small cup of tea is incredible and gave me the wish to let others appreciate the farmer’s work much more.

Although I am still at the very very beginning, I at least think, that I can start a new adventure and the project of my own business from now on. I got a much clearer view of what I want to do with tea, and especially how I want to do it. Please have two open ears for “Komadori Tea”, especially if you’re around Berlin, and don’t be afraid to contact me.


You can find out more about my experience at Obubu in the video below: