Snowy Day

Wazuka under the snow since a long time!


Hello everyone! This is Marie from Obubu!

It’s been so long since it didn’t snow this much in Wazuka, so when we saw the snow falling the other day, we decided to head to the mountains with a part of the Obubu Team to take some footage! And the photos we took are pretty so I wanted to share them with you here!


「Our brilliant intern #126 Kenji with our staff member Hiro taking photos and drone shots」

Everyone, I hope you like snoooooow?!?! ☃️❄️🌨☃️❄️

……. Eh?

Ah, of course I am sure there are a lot of people here who really hate snow, but believe me, this is only because you’ve never seen the tea bushes under the snow…! I am sure you will change your mind after seeing the photos below!

To be honest, I am definitely not a snow person, but I really enjoyed my day because it was the first time for me to get to see the tea fields under the snow! 😍


Enough talking! Let’s see the photos now!


「Our Heavenly Tea Field!The atmosphere is so different from usual!」

「The tea fairies from the Heavenly Tea Field♡」

「Wow, the tea rows look like chocolate cakes with sugar。。。」

「Of course we couldn’t go back home without making a snow man!⛄️🌱」

「Tadaaaaa! Aren’t his tea eyebrows very cute?😆」

「The tea fields of Harayama!」

「Between the rows…」

「Remaining buds from last autumn in the tea fields of Koshigoe」🌱

「It snows a lot…!」❄️

「The drone master!」

「The camera master!」

「Heeeeeeey Keeeeenjiiiiii!!」

「Kayo-san, Banzaaaaai!」

「Frozen model close from death」笑

「Tea hug ♡」


This is all! I hope you enjoyed this little virtual snowy tea fields tour through Wazuka! Don’t you like snow a little more now? ;)


As you can see, Wazuka in winter is not so bad too!
We are waiting for you and are looking for drinking a cup of tea together!

-Marie Roux

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