Tea of the Month – August 2021


For Tea of the month this month we bring you something special, a new brewing method for a fast and easy cold brew. Combine this new brewing method with a rarer tea and you will get a sweet and refreshing cuppa, ideal for those hot summer afternoons!  

This month we have another of our Staff members, Moe-chan bringing you this new brewing method and delicious tea!  

Equipment :

  • Cold Brew Bottle to brew the tea in (needs to fit in the fridge)
  • Fridge
  • Tencha
  • Ice Cubes (optional)
  • Cups
  • Pitcher
  • Scales

Moe-chan was introduced to this style of brewing by our very own Akky-san! He dug deep into his tea knowledge library to give us some refreshment from the hot afternoons. When he introduced this method of brewing Tencha to Moe-chan he mentioned that the tea was very sweet and ideal for the when the Summer heat is draining your energy and you need that boost to carry you through the day!  

Moe decided to test out this brewing method it was so good she had to put it forward for tea of the month and share it with tea lovers all over the world!  


The first step is to get your Tencha and measure out 1 gram for every 33.3ml of water we will use. For example we used 750ml of water and so used just over 22.5 grams of Tencha. (We would recommend trying out a session with 500ml water which will need 15 grams of Tencha.)  

Then we will pour the leaf into the Cold Brew Container, you can use a bottle specifically for cold brewing tea or another bottle that is suitable.  

Next we want to pour the right ratio of water into the cold brew bottle, for us that would be 750ml.  

As the Tencha leaf is so light the leaf will often stay on the surface at this stage but please do not worry! The next step is to put the lid on securely before gently turning the Cold Brew Bottle to mix the water and the leaf. The leaf will be suspended in the water and it looks so beautiful!  

The Cold Brew Tea Bottle is now ready for the fridge and we can set a timer for 20 minutes!  

After 20 minutes has past it is time to be refreshed by this delicious tea! Look at the stunning colour of the tea!  

The tea is ready for pouring now, so if you would like it to be a little cooler, this is the point at which we can take the ice from the freezer. We will first pour the tea from the Cold Brew Bottle into the pitcher before adding the ice and pouring into the cups for each person.  

All that is left is to enjoy some delicious tea! With such a delicious sweet round and umami flavour this tea really is an absolute treat. When served ice cold on a hot summers day this tea really shines, not only because of its rich emerald green colour or refreshing coldness but with the caffeine present it will give you a gentle boost to your energy levels to carry you through the rest of your day.  

I hope you enjoy this tea as much as we have been and will keep yourself topped up with this cold brew sweet tea on the hot summer days!  

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