How to update your Tea Club Membership

We are currently in the process of switching to a new Tea Club system which will offer more shipping options and teas to our Tea Club Members. We have sent all members the Newsletters from March and April which contained the update information to which will also be summarised below.

As of March of 2021 we are updating the Tea Club to be able to adapt to the increases in international shipping costs and also offer a way for Tea Club Members to be able to take advantage of exclusive discounts for members only as well as free shipping up to 1.2KG of extra orders to be included with the next Tea Club Shipment. The cost of the Tea Club per month is now ¥3000 per month for new joining members and current members who switch to the new system. Current members who joined before March 2021 will have a grace period with the previous ¥2400 per month on the previous system until March 2022, at which point everyone will be switched to the new Tea Club system and new payment amount.

If you are already a Tea Club Member and you would like to update your membership and have access to the benefits mentioned above, now you will also need to follow the registration process and this will switch your membership over.

Registration Page

Discounts can be found once logged in as a Tea Club Member, under the products header and at the bottom you can find the tab Tea Club Discounts as shown in the screen shot below.

Discounts Page