Why is Green Tea Your Indispensable Companion?

Green tea is good for us, we have heard this often. Indeed, this common drink that can be easily obtained could give us numerous health benefits as it contains a high amount of the antioxidant called catechin. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), to be precise, is the main type of catechin that takes care of our overall wellbeing, both physically and mentally, from inner to outer care. Here’s why:


Health Booster

Drinking green tea may lower our chance of getting cancer. Yes, EGCG in tea could detect and destroy cancerous cells, as well as restricting Dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), the enzyme that builds DNA, from growing and reproducing these active growing cancerous cells. Interestingly, the healthy cells remain unharmed during this process. This intelligent polyphenol also has several functions that can boost our health in other ways.

Say Bye to Bad Cholesterols – EGCG could reduce the absorption of bad cholesterols (low-density lipoprotein) into our body and helps to remove them from our body, thus unclogging the arteries. This lowers the rate of getting strokes and heart-related problems.

Reducing Probability of Getting Diabetes – Researchers found that EGCG can regulate the sugar level in our blood through converting them into energy, similar to the function of insulin. This lowers the blood sugar level thus decreasing the rate of developing diabetes. In addition, drinking green tea during meals may prevent diabetic patients from getting blood-sugar spikes (still, it is better to consult your doctor before drinking it).

No more Reaction to Some Allergies – EGCG was found capable of suppressing some allergy reactions (e.g. cough, sneeze and watery eyes) as it temporary blocks the receptor that is responsible for signaling allergy reaction.


Skin Rejuvenator

Many skincare products with green tea have been introduced as people learn more about the superior effects it has on our skin. The amazing EGCG in tea can revitalize our dying skin cells, making them active again and thus reduces wrinkles. EGCG also protects our skin cells from ultraviolet radiation which prevents our skin from aging. Consuming green tea can also give you these same effects and is a more affordable way to maintain your inner and outer beauty.


Natural Freshener

If you are hesitant to eat your favourite food due to possibly bad breath it could cause, green tea could be your best companion. EGCG in tea could fresh up our breath as it kills the odor producing bacteria in our mouth. As these bacteria are also the causes of tooth cavities and decay, destroying them also means helping us to stay away from possible oral diseases.

Tapping on its anti-odor ability, green tea can also reduce body odor and improve our living environment


Your Emotion’s Stabilizer

While catechin does provide us with numerous health benefits, other components in tea also play a significant role in our health. Theanine, also one of the health components in tea, has a calming effect and relaxes our minds. In addition, the presence of caffeine keeps our minds awake. There are concerns of possible negative reactions caused by caffeine (e.g. becoming agitated) but interestingly, theanine can minimize its impact while still receiving its benefits. The combination of both theanine and caffeine improves our mood and brain function. So next time when you are feeling stress or anxious over a situation, have a sip of green tea and let it work its magic on you.


Weight Lossing Supporter

EGCG could be the best supporter for realizing your slimming plans when cooperating with caffeine. This pair helps to amplify your calorie burning level as they oxidize fats and boost energy expenditure level. In addition, it also helps to keep your waist in shape as it regulates your blood sugar level and fats intake.

Green tea is the power drink, the components of which work together to keep us physically and mentally fit. Once experiencing its taste and benefits, you would probably not want to give it up anymore (just like me!). Why don’t start your day with a cup of green tea?

Written by: Freya Lim



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