【Intern Introduction】No.126 Kenji Tanimura

【Intern Introduction】No.126 Kenji Tanimura


We welcomed a new talent to Obubu, intern No.126, Kenji Tanimura.


He is originally from The Philippines and now lives in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.


Actually, he is a friend of our former intern, Mikie(No.123). He saw Mikie’s activities at Obubu on social media and got interested in our internship program. Then, he decided to join our team!


Kenji is a professional photographer, videographer, web creator and designer and works freelance. (What can’t he do?!)


His passion for Obubu’s Internship is not only learning about Japanese tea but he is also interested in our small business as a tea farm in Japan.


It’s been less than 3 weeks since he joined our team, and he took amazing photos/videos every single day whenever he goes

to the fields,

to our factory,

in the office,

and anywhere in Wazuka!


You can’t escape from his camera and will be able to become the best model if you are around him.


It’s amazing to see how beautiful the photos he took are. But more surprisingly, for Obubu as a group of baby creators, it blew our minds to see how quickly he edits his photos/videos to make it even more fantastic!


Stay tuned for more photos/videos he will be creating during his internship!


We are very excited to work together with you for the next 3 months, Kenji!


If you would like to see more photos/videos he took, visit his Instagram account!




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