Autumn brings new arrivals

This time, we are harvesting our Autumn tea on a clear sunny day.

Claire, originally from France, will be graduating tomorrow from her internship at Obubu, also helped with the harvest.

I thought she might be a bit sad to see her working in the tea gardens for the last time, but she was as cheerful as ever today.


Today is the day for YUKIHA, the son of Obubu President Akky, to make his tea harvesting debut.

His debut in the tea garden at 5 months! How wonderful!

He can’t harvest the tea himself yet and needs a hand from Mum and Dad!


His eyes were open at first, but before I knew it, he had fallen asleep~!

He didn’t hear the noise of the tea cutting machine either!

Claire is good at harvesting, isn’t she?

Akky’s wife, Ai, also harvested for the first time after having Yukiha.

Carrying the fresh harvest is one of the most important tasks in the field.

A single bag weighs about 15 kg.

That’s quite heavy!

Then we go back to the factory and put the fresh leaves into the container.

And then we can start making tea.

It really feels like autumn in the tea fields now it is October, with mantis, tea flowers and a pleasant breeze blowing through the tea fields.

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