Giedre Trumpiene


Intern #120

Instagram/Facebook: Giedre_and_tea



Before Obubu
I have always been fascinated by the possibilities to explore other cultures and the taste of teas. I simply love tea taste and aroma, and it encourages me to get creative and to experiment with tea. After many years of exploring the tea world: studies, tea master courses, tea experiments and endless cups of tea I feel that there is still so much left to learn.

Why Obubu
I attended Obubu’s Spring Hand-picking and rolling and Autumn’s hand picking event in 2016. I felt in love with Wazuka and enjoyed the company of friendly Obubu family. Since then I knew that I want to come back to Obubu for a longer period of time. Therefore, before starting my tea business, I wanted to come to Obubu Tea Farms one more time and immerse myself with Japanese tea culture.

During Obubu
I decided to come to Obubu during the most amazing period of the year – spring. I was able to observe the change of nature – snow-covered tea fields in cool mornings, understand how tea bushes wake up in spring and how preparations for harvesting season looks like. The most exciting time – first spring harvest, first tea processing and experience of fresh tea aroma and flavour.
I was able to experience all parts of tea production – farming, tea processing, packaging and labelling as well as tasting.
Besides that, I was working on my project which was focused on experimenting with different brewing methods. You can find my articles below.

You can find out more about my experience at Obubu in the video below:
After Obubu
I am going to continue my tea adventure! I believe that these 3 months were just the beginning of my friendship with the Obubu farm. Even though I am leaving Wazuka right now, a small part of me stays behind – at the very least all of my energy and positive mindset remains with those baby trees that I have planted. I am bringing back great memories, knowledge and plenty of new ideas.