Herbs and tea ・Our experiment of a mint infused Matcha!

Have any of you been annoyed by the hundreds weed and grasses growing on their own in your garden at home? We perfectly understand… But we have actually a good news for you tea lovers!  Yes, a lot of herbs, plants and flowers are very delicious when brewed with tea!

And one of the most common herbs that grows everywhere and that we will be talking about today is… mint!

Its appearance and aroma is different depending on the species, from the refined species that you will find in botanic stores with a delicate and elegant aroma, to the wild mint growing in fields and gardens with a more raw and strong taste.

But any type is fine at least you chose the best tea to combine with!

You can make a very delicious and interesting blend by choosing tea according to the individuality and taste of the mint you have!

Here at Obubu, since a few years ago, wild mint carpets a large part of the garden next to our office tea from spring to fall! It looks very beautiful and smells so nice that we decided to pick some to make a delicious herbal tea!

But as expected, it had a very strong taste and was a little bit too bitter to be drank as it was.

So what should we do with all this mint?! It spreads further and further every year, and the goats even don’t want to eat it!

As we were thinking on just weeding and troughing it away, super Moe-chan came with a brilliant idea!
“Why don’t we try to pair it with tea? Matcha?”

This is true! If paired with a tea that is strong enough not to be covered by the strong flavor of the mint we should be able to make an interesting pairing!

From there, we tried to brew a matcha with the hot water we’ve just used to brew the mint.

(video available on Youtube and @kyoto_obubu instagram! https://youtu.be/TjzrOnqvye0 )

…Wow! A round and sweet aroma immediately released from the Matcha bowl. In the mouth, the umami and richness of the Matcha is well present, but we can also clearly feel the grassy and refreshing aftertaste of mint! So delicious~~!

And it is even more refreshing and soothing when adding some icecubes to make it cold!

The experiment was a great success!

From there, we decided to go further in the experiment and finally started our new product “Sakura Mint Herbal Tea”!

Here, the mint is not blended with tea, but with beautiful and aromatic Wazuka’s cherry blossoms and cherry leaves.


If you are interested, please visit our online shop!

This herbal tea is a limited edition of 50 packets!



– Marie Roux

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  1. I love mint in every food or beverages and the experimental recipe you have provided is excellent and for me it is time worthy to read your article.
    Thanks a lot for the informative post.
    Let’s hope for the best.

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