Hojicha White Chocolate Cheesecake

As an avid tea drinker, and amateur baker, I knew I wanted to experiment with adding tea to my baking. Matcha baking is already very popular, but what about the other tea powders, beyond matcha?  I began my tea baking journey with a Hojicha White Chocolate Cheesecake. I experimented with adding different amounts of Hojicha […]

Tea Blending Guide

Tea blending is one of the most involved activities anybody can engage in when it comes to tea. It can be one of the strongest acts of appreciation any tea lover can do and holds the potential to push products to new heights and beyond any flavour profile you have experienced. The only downside to […]

Hojicha Nama Chocolates

Hi everyone! This is Tran, intern #141, otherwise known as Obubu’s resident professional baker! During my time here at Obubu, I hope to be able to share with you recipes of my baking using Obubu’s tea powders and I hope you’ll enjoy making them as well as eating them! As today is White Day here […]

Matcha, caramel pear pie

Hi everyone !! Today’s new recipe is quite original ahah 😉 I was given a pear and was thinking about make something with. The Japan pear here are completely different from different that I am used to in France. But both and any pears are suitable for this recipe ! Pears and matcha seemed to me an […]

Figs and praliné pie

Hello ! This is actually the fig season and I had the opportunity to get some from a fig farm ! So I decided to bake with and after searching for I find a delicious recipe of fig pie with praliné.  Altought I was inspired by another recipe  I modifided some parts off the recipe […]

Genmaicha, Yuzu and Honey Panna Cotta

Hi tea lovers!! Today, I’m going to introduce you an Italian recipe called « panna cotta » which is very famous sweet in the world. This is a speciality from a north region of Italy called (Piedmont) and it was invinted in the early 19 century by a Hungarian woman. The term « panna cotta » means cooked […]

Matcha cream puffs

Hello everyone !!   This is Wednesday and as I said last week, new recipe 😊 Today we’ll going to make the famous « Choux a la crème » from France, with the puffs, and two different creams, one usually pastry cream with matcha and another white chocolate chantilly, lighter. This is not a difficult recipe […]

French Macaron recipe

  Hello everyone !   As you maybe see on instagram post (if not you can follow us: obubuteafarms) every week I’ll post a new pastry recipe, today is the first one, I hope you like this format! Do you know the french specialities called Macarons ? There are so many pastry-chefs who every time selected […]

Hoji-chai Latte Recipe

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time! This is Marie from Obubu! As you already saw in the title of this post, today’s tea recipe is a delicious Hoji-chaï Latte! A lot of you may already know what Chai Tea is, but for people who have never tried this fantastic drink yet, “Chai” or “Masala […]

Matcha Hojicha Cookies

Hello everyone! This is Marie from Obubu! The Tea Recipe that I would like to introduce to you today will probably sound familiar for some of you as our interns already made it so many times here at Obubu: the amazingly delicious “Matcha Hojicha Cookies”! This time, the concept of this recipe video is a […]

Lemon cupcakes & matcha frosting + matcha-blueberries Muffins

Hi lovely tea lovers, This week, I got ambitious ! I don’t have 1, but 2 muffin recipes ! The idea was to give a try to a combination matcha/fruits. Fruits such as raspberry, or yuzu, because they have a bit of sourness, are great to be associated with matcha. AND as another constraint, I […]

Genmaicha powder Focaccia

Focaccia is a popular italian flat bread made with wheat flour and olive oil and usually seasoned with herbs such as thyme, rosemary and oregano, or tomato. Here, I made a version with genmaicha ! It turns out that for some reason, I prepare dishes that require some preparation the day before…But as usual, you […]

Matcha Cream Cheese Cookies

We’ve been playing around with recipes recently using other tea powders — somehow straying away from the commonly used Matcha as we want to explore the unique flavors and qualities of the lesser known wakoucha, houjicha, sencha, and genmaicha powders. However, it should also be known that Matcha comes in multiple grades out there that […]

Wakoucha (Japanese black tea) crème brûlée

One fine day, at noon, while Mikie and I were talking about the next recipes to come, we asked George and Moe, whom we were sharing table with, whether they had any idea of dessert. With a sparkle in the eye and a mischievous smile, George suggested, with his British accent : « well, I do […]

Chunky Houjicha Cookies

As a person who is fueled with sugar, I have a special place in my heart (and tummy) for sweets. However, living in the countryside (which is awesome btw), it will probably take a lot of time and distance for me to get my sweet fix. Oh noooo. What to do?! Simple. This calls for […]

Matcha ganache tart

What to do when it’s raining outside and you have free time ? Baking of course ! Today’s treat : matcha ganache tart ! This was a first trial, and finding the balance between sweetness and the subtle bitterness of matcha was quite a challenge. Got this idea one morning while talking with Hiroe, Akky-san’s […]

Herbs and tea ・Our experiment of a mint infused Matcha!

Have any of you been annoyed by the hundreds weed and grasses growing on their own in your garden at home? We perfectly understand… But we have actually a good news for you tea lovers!  Yes, a lot of herbs, plants and flowers are very delicious when brewed with tea! And one of the most […]

Genmaicha Ice Cream

by Mikie Mitsuhashi Summer days in Japan are hot – really hot (and humid). Then there will be days that it will rain pretty much every single day of the week. But you know, ice cream is good for all sorts of weather. Especially for a sweet tooth like me, there is not a bad […]

Iced Shiso Wakoucha Recipe

June in Japan is well known for its very hot rainy days, so we decided today to cool a little bit down with this delicious blend of fresh made Shiso juice and a cold brew of our 2020 harvested Pine Needle Wakoucha! This Wakoucha is a special needle-like Japanese black tea. Medium in body it […]

5 Ways To Reuse Your Tea Leaves

By Giedre Trumpiene Hello, tea lovers! This is Giedre. An exciting time of the year in a tea world, right? Amazing freshly pressed sencha aromas and flavours fill the air here in Obubu. This Friday, to switch things up, I would like to talk about what happens after brewing the tea. Sometimes it is so […]

Sweet Sakura Tea 2020

Sweet Sakura Tea Marie   Sweet cherry tea is also available this year!     What is Obubu Tea? Obubu Intern Raw Tea Sample Sakuracha This year, Obubu is preparing sweet cherry tea for spring! In Japan, cherry tea pickled with salt and plum vinegar is common and the most drunk, but for a few […]