Japan Agriculture Award!

【Activity Report】 50th Japan Agricultural Award!

We are honored to announce that we received a special award of 50th Japan Agricultural Award. Especially for under the section of becoming a bridge between producer and consumer in Agricultural industry.

This award is to prize for achievement of a company, an organization, a farmer, or individual that is working on
① activities such as green tourism, food and agriculture education, direct delivery from production areas,
② activities to support older generations working on agriculture as a new way of life,
③ activities to involve younger generations to grow future farmers, and
④ activities to support local high-aged farmers and challenge the revival of production areas which leads a brighter wealthy way of life in the future.

This time, we received a special award for our active activities we have been continuing to become a bridge between overseas and the Japanese tea industry under the mission, “Bring Japanese Tea to the World!” such as the 3months internship program, Tea tourism, and shipping directly from the fields to overseas.

Thank you very much for your continuous support for Obubu and we would continue tea making so that we can keep delivering a delicious cup of tea to you and the wonderful moments you have with.

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