Obubu Mothers Days Gift!

This year we made an original Mother’s Day gift with Obubu tea and sweets!

We are sure that all who received are very happy with the set.

Gift Sets:

1 – Tea and Japanese Sweets set

2 – Tea and Cookie Set

3 – Tea and more Tea set

All sets contain tea harvested and made on the 88th night, Hachijyuhachiya, a very special tea! 

The tea is harvested on the night of the 88th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, and is considered a good omen for good health. Only the youngest leaves of the new shoots are carefully harvested, which gives the tea its beautiful appearance and delicate, deep taste, making your everyday tea time more elegant.

Give the gift of 88 nights of new tea!

[Obubu’s Limited Edition] Tea-filled Mother’s Day Gift!

This year, all of our staff have been meeting and preparing since January.

Even if you can’t go to see her easily, your thoughts will surely reach her!

We have to drink new tea in May!

Do you like Japanese sweets or Western sweets?

Mum likes sweets too!

A set of Shincha and sweets would be great!Limited to 30 sets each and shipping within Japan.

There is a limit to the number of sets available, so if you’re feeling a little inspired, please make a reservation.

Mother’s Day gift using Obubu’s Tea is available for reservation on our Japanese Site!

-Kayo Takeuchi

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