Japanese Tea: a Comprehensive Guide

Obubu is proud to say that our international department lead – Simona Zavadckyte has recently published a book about Japanese tea. The book is called Japanese Tea: a Comprehensive Guide and includes a wide range of topics about Japanese tea: from history and culture, to cultivation and processing, to different tea kinds and how to prepare them. As such it is mean to help in your tea studies and build a deeper understanding for your tea career.

The idea of this book was born many years ago, when Simona first came to Wazuka town and was inspired by everything tea: tea flavors, tea sceneries, tea communities. Outside of the tea growing regions, tea mostly means packaged tea sold in supermarkets or, if you are lucky, specialized teashops in your area. Visiting a tea region helps to grow your understanding of the tea world and colors it with vivid colors. However, few can travel to faraway lands and many look for knowledge and understanding in books. Surprisingly there are few books about Japanese tea and most of them focus on Japanese tea ceremony.

Having realized that the growing interest in Japanese tea was not met with the available information, Simona rolled up the sleeves to fill in the gap. After 7 intense months of researching, writing, photo taking and editing, the book was finally published in November 2017. Of course it could not have come into existence without many kind tea souls, especially Obubu team and several Obubu internship graduates, that helped in many steps of the process.

The book was self published though the Kindle Direct Publishing service, so currently it is only available through amazon and is sold in 13 different countries. If you would like to learn more about Japanese tea, you can get your copy here.




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