Japanese Tea Events in Madrid 13th-14th September, 2018

Madrid is always a nice city to visit and this year we had some unique tea activities there.

In Madrid we spent two days. One day was a collaboration with Japan National Tourism Organization. With JNTO we had two activities to promote Japanese tea and tourism to the people in Spain. Thanks to JNTO’s wide network the room was packed and many people were intrigued to learn more about Wazuka and Japanese tea. The activities also included a Japanese tea ceremony demonstration, where Simona assisted by playing a ‘guest’ role.

The other day was even more exciting as Matsu-san and Simona could help in organizing and participate in the Opening Event of Global Japanese Tea Association in Spain. The goal of the Association is to connect Japanese tea with tea lovers all around the world. Madrid is the first branch abroad and it was wonderful to see that so many people were interested to participate and learn more about it. We believe that from here on the Madrid branch is in good hands as the representative of the association is one of Obubu’s past interns – Anna. And according to Anna, the next event of the Association in Madrid has already been fully booked.

We are excited to see the Japanese tea culture grow in Madrid and in every city around the world.

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