Japanese Tea Workshops in Barcelona 10th-11th March, 2017

2017-barcelona-2This was our third time to visit Barcelona and all thanks to Mateo – the Cofounder for the Hidden Café Barcelona. Introduced by Mateo this year we could also collaborate with the Spanish Coffee Institute that organizes coffee courses and training.

2017-barcelona-3Barcelona seems to be mesmerized by Matcha, so one of the events was a Matcha workshop at the Hidden Café Barcelona. We had a nice group of around 10 people and Café staff helped us with translation.

2017-barcelona-4In addition to that we had a few events at the Spanish Coffee Institute. It serves as a coffee education centre and is looking forward to include tea in their activities.

In between the events we had some time to visit places in Barcelona that carry Obubu’s tea as well as too learn more about coffee productions and brewing.


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