Matcha and Sencha Workshops in London 4th-5th March, 2017

dsc01701Every year London welcomes us differently. This year we got to collaborate with the UK Tea Academy as Jane Petigrew put us in contact with Andrew Perriman – who is the owner of the newly opened tea house – Tea and Glory, where the events were held. Jane also helped to spread the word about the events to her tea circle through the UK tea Academy newsletter.

dsc01512And what a coincidence – we knew Andrew already – he had previously been our tea club member. Actually we got to hold the events before the tea house has even opened, so when we arrived there were still some builders making final preparations. Another pleasant surprise was that one of our past interns – Fiona, started working at Tea and Glory and will be supporting Andrew.

At the Tea and Glory we held two events – Matcha and Sencha workshops. Both had an introduction to Japanese tea as well as a practical exercise – Matcha making and Sencha brewing. Each gathered about 15 attendees, that is a cosy size for a hands on workshops. We could see some familiar faces: a few of the attendees have visited us in Japan and hopefully inspired some others to visit us in the future.



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