Japanese Tea Workshops in Hague 19th-20th March, 2017

2017-hague-2Hague is one of our favorite places to visit on the world tours, because we are always met by a warm welcome from Richard and Deirdre from the International Tea and Coffee Academy and really enthusiastic students.

This year we only stopped for one day, but what a day it was! The day was split into two workshops. The first was a basic training for beginner with Japanese tea brewing and tasting exercises. Participants could also take part in a Japanese tea guessing game – chakabuki. The second workshop was more advanced and involved recognizing and judging Japanese tea as well as tea ceremony demonstration.

2017-hague-3International Tea and Coffee Academy always gives us new challenges and pushes us to grow. The are our inspiration for the Japanese tea education. Even on this day we got a new challenge – to help make the first Dutch tea. While Simona was giving a presentation, Matsu-san was handling the freshly picked Dutch tea leaves.

We even heard whispers of International Tea and Coffee Academy coming to visit us in Wazuka in 2018 and are really excited to meet them again!


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