Sakura Picking 2021

This year again we went to pick up some cherry blossoms to make our Sakura Sencha and Sakura Mint Herbal Tea! 

Last week end, before the rain comes, our President Akky, some members of the Obubu staff and kind volunteers went on a new adventure in the mountains of Wazuka for our annual beautiful cherry blossoms picking.

↑Akky-san’s new assistant Atsushi and a volunteer Sawa-san picking the cherry blossoms.

Kayo-saaaaan! ❤️

Moe-chaaaan ❤️

Waaaaw it’s so fluffyyy!

Oh my goodness this aroma!!

This picking afternoon was also the perfect occasion to make some delicious Tempura with the freshly picked cherry flowers and some tea buds from Akky-san’s field, that bravely survived the previous frost!

The Tempura Masters

The beautiful Spring tea buds that Moe-chan kindly picked in the morning!

The taste and texture is per-fect! This is so tasty!!

The cherry blossom’s tempura taste like Sakura-mochi!

This year, some of the long branches of the cherry tree were reaching one of the tea fan of the neighboor tea field, so Hiro directly trimmed the branches to take them directly to our tea factory with our mini truck!

Hiro cutting the cherry tree branches like a monkey. Apparently he had a very bad muscle ache after this!

What a nice harvest!

Don’t you just want to dive into this amazing flowers basket?!

The Swan Lake – Tea Farmer version

The next day was very rainy as excepted, so we finished to tear off the blossoms from the branches in our factory with the precious help of new volunteers, and started to dry the flowers in our tea shelf dryer.

Little Hanami party in our factory! Thank you so much for your help everyone!!

The next step will be to pick up and dry some cherry leaves and wild mint to make more of our Sakura Sencha and Sakura Mint Herbal Tea!

Spring is such a joyful season!

Sakura mint herbal tea

Sakura Sencha Tea Club Video

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