Replanting 2020

About Obubu’s activity this quarter, agricultural work and looking at tea plantations enjoying the agriculture.

January Replanting 2020


If we are replanting an old tea garden to replant new tea trees, then we will do this during the winter.


These are the roots of a tea bush that is 40 years old.

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As the trees get older, you can no longer get delicious flavours typical of Japanese Tea, so replanting is necessary.


Some tea trees can produce delicious tea for about 50 or 60 years.


Although this tea plantation is quite steep, the original soil was heavy with clay draining well. This time, we decided to dig the entire field and make it easier for water to flow.

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We decided to lay bamboo down to help with water flow.

We excavate down for 2 meters with excavator to lay the bamboo in.

It is arranged carefully.

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