White Enterprise Award!

[Thank you for the award] The White Enterprise Award and Special Commendation Award


This time, Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms won the White Enterprise Award and Special Commendation Award.


The White Company Award was created six years ago with the wish of increasing the number of companies (white companies) who value their employees’ happiness, job satisfaction and contribution to society.


White Enterprise Award Website


To put it simply, was it against, what we call in Japan, black companies?


Thanks to Obubu, we have received various awards over the years.


One of the interesting things about the White Enterprise Award is that it takes more than six months to complete the selection process.


During the selection process, all the staff, including intern students, took a questionnaire. The selection committee members came all the way to Wazuka, listened to the staff, and played with the goats giving them time to understand Obubu better and consider their selections.


Obubu has been active for 17 years since its founding in 2004, with the desire to do something exciting and exciting.


The idea was not only about the business that we are doing as a company, but also about the way the company works, so that people who work there can put their passion into their work. (Of course, there are many twists and turns.)


So, we are really grateful for this award recognising the working environment of Obubu.


And I think that being awarded this kind of honour is the result of the support of the tea club members and everyone else involved.


We will do our best to spread “Japanese Tea to the World” more and more.


Thank you all so much!


List of White Company Award Winners

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Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms


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