Sweet Sakura Tea Sampler (4 x 5g)


Light and silky, Sweet Sakura Tea has notes of springtime and strawberry. A visual feast, its stunning pink petals unfurl in the cup, releasing their floral aroma. This tea is made by preserving Japanese cherry blossoms in sugar. While the salty version is most commonly found in Japan, Sweet Sakura Tea offers a breathtakingly beautiful Japanese tea experience.

Taste: Sweet
Body: Medium
Texture: Rounded
Length: Medium
Harvest: April
Tea Cultivar: N/A
Origin: Odawara
Cultivation: N/A
Processing: Preserved with sugar
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What is Sakuracha?Sakura cha

Sakuracha (桜茶) is a very special, traditional Japanese infusion that is unlike any other. Sakura is the name for the famous pink cherry blossoms that bloom all over Japan in the spring. The flowers are mixed with ume plum vinegar and salt, and remain in this mixture for a month. Cherry blossom tea is considered very special in Japan and is mostly served at weddings, as it is believed to represent new beginnings.




Farmer Profile

Our Sakura tea comes from the beautiful seaside town of Odawara, Kanagawa. The blossoms are harvested between late March and early April, but the pickling process used to preserve them allows the tea to be enjoyed all year round.

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