【Kyoto, Uji, Wazuka】Tea Picking and Rolling Event


Obubu organizes Tea Picking and Rolling Events 3 times a year to celebrate Japanese tea harvesting seasons.


This event is one of popular activities for tea lovers from all over the world.

We believe that is because we have welcomed over 90 interns who love Japan and Japanese tea; and who always warmly welcome our guests in English.



Nowadays Japan is getting popular as one of fascinating travel destinations.



Some travelers also love tea and they want to learn more about Japanese tea and have authentic hands-on experiences.



They discover us and come to Wazuka town, countryside in Kyoto, that is usually not easily accessible to tourists because of the limited public transportation.



The Tea Picking and Rolling Event is a unique opportunity to experience Japanese green tea!

In this event, you will have the chance to get to know about Japanese tea and spend an amazing time with tea lovers from all over the world.


We often get feedback from our Japanese guests saying, ‘Everything was really interesting and exciting!’, ‘I didn’t expect that I will be taught how to brew Japanese tea by foreigners’.


Now the world is not so wide as it seems. You will not regret if you want to have an exciting experience with tea lovers.



Don’t miss the summer Tea Picking and Rolling Event on Saturday 7th July!

Please check it out!!






Originally written in Japanese by Obubu staff member Hiro, translated by Moe.

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