The Best Japanese Iced Tea Recipe

Homemade iced tea is the perfect summer drink for those warm evenings in the garden, sharing with guests at barbecues or to accompany your lazy weekend brunch. Our recipe uses the cold brew method, achieved by steeping the tealeaves in cold water and leaving them overnight. This means that less catechins, which are responsible for the bitterness in tea, are released into the infusion making the tea sweeter and lighter.

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We have used Obubu’s Hojicha Amber, which is made from Sencha of the summer harvest. Hojicha is a Japanese green tea, which is roasted during processing giving it a beautifully nutty and buttery taste. In Japan it is considered a welcome drink, often served hot or cold to guests and in restaurants with food. With undertones of walnut, caramel and oak, Hojicha is naturally sweet and mellow so no additional sweeteners are needed. The roasting process has a decaffeinating effect, making it a wonderful tea to enjoy throughout the day or with an evening meal.

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Here we used tea pockets, or ‘fill your own’ tea bags, so you can choose your favourite loose-leaf tea for your infusion. You may want to choose a stronger tea such as Wakoucha (Japanese black tea), but we feel the beautiful toasty flavour of Hojicha is perfectly complemented by these fresh ingredients. Peach and cucumber add a subtle fruity flavour without overpowering the delicate taste of this tea.

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(serves 8 – 10 cups)

  • 1 handful loose-leaf Hojicha (or other Japanese tea of your choice), enough to fill 2 tea pockets
  • 1 litre spring water or filtered tap water
  • ½ cucumber
  • 1 fresh and ripe peach
  • Lemon for garnish
  • Ice cubes for serving
  1. Fill two tea pockets with Hojicha leaves, and place in a large jug with the water.
  2. Put in the fridge and leave to steep overnight, or for around 9 – 12 hours depending on your taste preference.
  3. Slice the cucumber, and cut the peach into thin segments.
  4. Add cucumber and peach to the tea and serve with ice.


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Written by Fiona Kewley

Photographs taken by Fiona Kewley

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  1. I would never have thought to cold-brew houjicha, and would never have thought to combine it with cucumbers and peaches. Because this combination is unique, I really wanted to try this recipe. I made some tonight and it is really wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.

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