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As you maybe see on instagram post (if not you can follow us: obubuteafarms) every week I’ll post a new pastry recipe, today is the first one, I hope you like this format!

Do you know the french specialities called Macarons ? There are so many pastry-chefs who every time selected flavours and combine them in this marvel that is the macaron. One of them very famous, Pierre Hermé who has already made some creations around the tea flavour.

So today I will present you one of them the matcha macaron white chocolate cream !

It is a rather delicate product to work with but don’t worry, the recipe I chose is not too difficult and I will explain each of the different steps one by one.


Preparation time   2 hrs


Ingredients (for 18 macarons):

Shell :

-100gr almond powder

-100gr icing sugar

-7gr matcha green powder. Here the link:

-90gr white eggs room temp

– ¾ teaspoon white vinigar

-80gr sugar

Matcha white chocolate ganache :

-80gr of white chocolate

-40gr liquid cream

-120gr liquid cream

-2gr matcha powder


First make your macarons shell :


  • For this, sieve and mix your dry ingredients together in a large container (almond powder, ice sugar and matcha poweder). Sieve the ingredients is very important to remove the « blocks ».
  • Then, make the meringue ; I chose to make a french meringue, there is different type of meringue (Swiss, Italian and French), usually, the Italian meringue is favoured because it’s more adapted for this recipe but it’s more difficult to make.

So I decided to make the french meringue to facilitate the recipe.

Prepare your differents ingredients and reads wells before starting !

Your eggs white have to be at the room temp to help the sugar to dissolves well and quickly. Mix eggs white and vinigar and add a pinch of salt. Starts beating and when the mixture becomes frothy add 1/3 of sugar and improve your fast beating. Keep beating and when they become a little firmer add the rest of the sugar little by little, increasing the speed of the beater again. You can stop when it’s becomes smooth and shiny.


Did you succeed ? In that case let’s go next step !


-Combine the two prep ;

Add 1/3 of your meringue into the almond mixture. Use a spatula and do not be delicate for this to better mix the ingredients. Continue 1/3 at a time until all the meringue is mixed and now you have to be very delicate to not break the meringue. Finally add your last third of meringue and be very delicate at the beginning. Then the famous macaronage stage, with your spatula beat with energy until your mixture becomes smooth and when the meringue form ribbons when you lift the spatula. Be careful to not mix too much and but also not enough ! This is the most difficult stage to prepare macarons!

– Finally pipe the macarons, to make regular macarons, I advice you to draw patterns of 3cm. Use a piping bag and hold it at right angles. Type the grid against the table to become shell macaron smooth.

Stay your shell stand in the open air about 1h or 1h30 according to the humidity of the room (this is very important because macarons hate humidity). And preheating your oven at 145°C.

Put your macarons in your oven and after 5min increase the temp at 155°C for 10/12min.

Ending time ! Congratulations for your macarons shell, so now let’s doing the Matcha white chocolate ganache !


For your Matcha white chocolate ganache :


-Melt the white chocolate in a water bath (put the container on a pan with water over low heat). Beside, heat the 30gr of cream. Add your cream to the white chocolate in three parts and mix them together with a whisk between each time.

-Add the matcha powder

-Add the 90gr liquid cream, mix and put on the fridge for 30min with the beaters’wips.

-Once the mixture is cold, whip it into a firm whipped cream.

– Fill one shell generously and close with another like a sandwich.


Finished ! For the decoration free to you to choose the best one ! I just decided to use either icing sugar or some melted white chocloate with a little matcha powder.

I hope you succeeded and you enjoyed it ! See you soon for a new recipe !







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