Matcha, caramel pear pie

Hi everyone !! Today’s new recipe is quite original ahah 😉 I was given a pear and was thinking about make something with. The Japan pear here are completely different from different that I am used to in France. But both and any pears are suitable for this recipe ! Pears and matcha seemed to me an […]

Figs and praliné pie

Hello ! This is actually the fig season and I had the opportunity to get some from a fig farm ! So I decided to bake with and after searching for I find a delicious recipe of fig pie with praliné.  Altought I was inspired by another recipe  I modifided some parts off the recipe […]

Genmaicha, Yuzu and Honey Panna Cotta

Hi tea lovers!! Today, I’m going to introduce you an Italian recipe called « panna cotta » which is very famous sweet in the world. This is a speciality from a north region of Italy called (Piedmont) and it was invinted in the early 19 century by a Hungarian woman. The term « panna cotta » means cooked […]

Opera’s recipe

Hello everyone !!   So happy to share you a new recipe ! And today is not a random recipe beacause the origin of this pastry is my favorite french pastry ! « Opéra » was created in 1955 by Cyriaque Gavillon who  is one of the most famous pastries in France. It is called Opéra to represent about the […]

Hojicha cinnamon donuts recipe

Hi everyone !!   Today I’m going to present a new recipe easier than the others which is the famous American donuts! Donut means « sweet doughnut» and there are many different donut shapes. Why there is a hole in the middle of the most famous? Simply because at the time, people found that the dough […]

Matcha cream puffs

Hello everyone !!   This is Wednesday and as I said last week, new recipe 😊 Today we’ll going to make the famous « Choux a la crème » from France, with the puffs, and two different creams, one usually pastry cream with matcha and another white chocolate chantilly, lighter. This is not a difficult recipe […]

French Macaron recipe

  Hello everyone !   As you maybe see on instagram post (if not you can follow us: obubuteafarms) every week I’ll post a new pastry recipe, today is the first one, I hope you like this format! Do you know the french specialities called Macarons ? There are so many pastry-chefs who every time selected […]