Matcha cream puffs

Hello everyone !!


This is Wednesday and as I said last week, new recipe 😊

Today we’ll going to make the famous « Choux a la crème » from France, with the puffs, and two different creams, one usually pastry cream with matcha and another white chocolate chantilly, lighter.

This is not a difficult recipe but it may take some time as there are many preparations but don’t worry!

Just take the time to read well each step before starting !


Ingredients :


Matcha pastry cream:

-2 small eggs (or 1,5 large)

-35g sugar

-2 tablespoons cornstarch

-230 ml milk

-1 table spoon matcha powder for baking

-45g butter

-20g butter


-60g butter

-40g sugar

-60g flour


-100gr farine

-3 eggs

-1 tablespoon sugar

-100gr butter

-5cl milk

-5cl of water

-1 pinch of salt

Vanilla Chantilly:

-50cl cream for chantilly (45% minimum)

-60g icing sugar

-1/2 coffee spoon matcha powder

-1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

So the first step is to make the matcha pastry cream, let’s do it !


Matcha pastry cream :


In a medium bowl, mix together eggs, cornstarch, sugar.

Heat the milk on medium heat with the matcha powder until the first boiling bubbles appear.


Add half of your mixing in the egg prep and mixed with a whisk to incorporate both. With a spatula pour your preparation back in your heat milk and mixed with your whisk on low heat until the mixture thickens. Remove from the fire, add your 45g of butter and mix. Put on the fridge your cream and move to the second step.


Craquelin :

Very easy to make, mix together sugar and butter until it becomes a smooth paste and add your flour. Between two baking paper, spread with a roller your paste for about 3mm thick. Leave in the freezer to harden.



This is a very famous recipe in France beacause it is the basis for many French pastries !

First, heat on low heat milk, water, sugar, salt and butter (cut into small pieces) until the butter melts completely. When it is boiling add your flour in one time and out of the fire (very important to add out of the fire !). Mixed them with a spatula with energy until it becomes a dough and put it back on the fire again while continuing to mix the dough for 1/2min. This step allows the dough to dry out, the dough should come off the sides of the pan easily.

Pour your dough on a medium size container and add the egg one by one and blend with spatula between each until well combined . The dough is ready when it becomes smooth and shiny and forms a ribbon when dropped.


Heat your oven at 175° and put the dough in a piping bag and form some circle (around 3cm diameter) be carefull to not put them too close together beacause they will swell up !

According to your choux size cut out some circle in your craquelin and put them on your puffs as on the picture bellow.



Bake for about 20 or 25min

(try to check sometimes !)






Vanilla chantilly :


Add vanilla and matcha on your cream mix them together and put on your freezer with the whip of your mixer for 10/15min. (this will allows the cream to whip up more easily).

Start whipping your cream and when it starts to thicken add half of your icing sugar and the then the rest of your sugar. Be carefull, not to beat too much !


Congrats ! You finished all your preparations, now let’s start assembling !


Put your creams in piping bags, if you want to do the same decoration as me put some off your chantilly in a another pippping bag with pastry tubes (choose your shape as you want).

Your choux must be completely cold before starting, cut the top as on the picture and garnish them with your chantilly until about ⅘ full. Insert the tip of the pastry cream piping bag right into the middle of the diplomat cream and pipe the pastry cream directly into the center of the cream puff until full.

With your other chantilly pipping bag, make the decoration of your choice and you can end up powdering with matcha powder before closing with your up puffs !


It’s over, I hope everything went well! See you soon !

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