Hojicha cinnamon donuts recipe

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Today I’m going to present a new recipe easier than the others which is the famous American donuts!

Donut means « sweet doughnut» and there are many different donut shapes. Why there is a hole in the middle of the most famous? Simply because at the time, people found that the dough was undercooked so they decided to change the shape for a better taste!

I decided to make them with hojicha powder, and it was very nice. The most important is to add enough powder to smell it well.

I love this recipe which is very sweet and very famous around the world (especially because of the The Simpsons!)


Time of recipe: 30min baking

2 hours standing


Ingredients (15-18 pieces)


Let’s go !!!


First, melt the butter and milk in a sauce pan and let it stand. Pour it into another container and add vanilla extract, sugar, eggs, salt, cinnamon, dry yeast and hojicha powder.

Be careful when you add the different ingredients, salt and yeast musn’t touch , it could affect the yeast power !

Stir them together, and add gradually the flour. If you have a mixer (pastry hook), it’s better and easier but not necessary. If you don’t have one, start as I did, and add your flour and whisk your mixture. When it becomes difficult, start kneading by hand and keep adding flour. You can add more flour if necessary and knead it by hand for about 15 min until your dough stop being sticky. It must be nice and flexible.

Cover your container and let it stand for 1h or 1h 30 min in a place with warm enough temperature.

It must swell and double in volume. Then, rid your dough of air by punching it down!

Roll out your dough to about 1,5 cm thick.

If you have a cookie cutter of the desired shape, that’s perfect! But if not, find something (a little bowl, for example) of about 10 cm diameter. Try to find a bowl, which is not too thick! Then take something for the donut hole (a apple corer for example).
Normally, you can’t use the extra dough but I made it (your other donuts will be less nice as you can see on the picture below).

Let it rest again for 45min in the same warm place ! (they must swell again)

In a plate mix sugar, hojicha powder and a pinch of cinnamon (not too much because we want to smell Hojicha!).
Heat your oil in a deep pan and cook donuts (the oil temperature is not required to be precise). Try te be delicate when you move them in the pan. Cooking time is very fast (maybe 30 seconds each side), then blot them in a paper towel and roll them in the sugar mixture!

You can even add some pastry cream, jam or chocolate inside if you want for more gourmet pleasure 😊


Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll love this recipe!



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