May’s Spring Harvest 2020

In May the Spring Harvest is well under way!

The terrain is very steep at the top of the mountains, so we will carefully harvest the plants while paying close attention to foot placement!

The harvesting machine weighs about 10 kg.

As the harvested leaves are blown into bags, the weight of each bag is about 20 kg.

In the field, harvesting work is difficult, but so is carrying the bags full of harvested leaf to the tea trucks!

The tea cannot be left for a long time in the sun, so we move it to the shade as soon as possible after cutting.

The harvest day is very long, and we head to the tea gardens around 8 am and return to the factory at noon.

We unload the harvested leaves and we will start harvesting again in the afternoon.

We return in the evening and start the tea making machine around 6pm.

The Tea Processing takes about 5 to 6 hours.

We will finish processing the days harvest between 11pm and 3am depending on the size of the harvest.

At Obubu, the schedule is like this during the busy harvest seasons!

And no matter how late it may be, we will wake up again at about 6 am the next morning to go to prepare the tea garden for another days harvest. We can’t help but worry about the gardens!


– Kayo Takeuchi

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