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This time it’s intern No.115, Nick from Bristol the United Kingdom originally from Bulgaria!


Speaking of Bulgaria, it is the country that everyone in Japan knows for its famous yogurt.

Nick, moved to Bristol to five years ago and has been stocking Chinese and Indian tea in his company from about a year ago, making online sales and also opening up on Farmer’s Markets. From his desire to also purchase Japanese tea and for a better understanding of Japanese tea, production, processing, and brewing while of course being interested Japanese tea business, he came as an intern.

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This time of year there is not too much work in the farm and factory giving plenty of time to take on the challenges that Obubu sets itself over the winter period! You keep warm if you are running a variety of projects in winter! More recently we have been doing construction on a daily basis in order to realize the Kuradashi Project. The Kuradashi Project is what we fondly call the Magic House and will be a new retail shipping space for Obubu!

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And Nick of course is working hard during the construction along with the staff!

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During the construction, Nick observes the daily business of Obubu and is always thinking of new business ideas or strategies to propose to us!

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He’s not only good at creating new ideas about business but he is also an excellent baker. Baking lots of delicious breads using our tea powders, this is just a slice of his creativity.

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Nick’s Bulgarian-style kimchi using cherry tea (salted),

He also used Gyokuro tea leaves to make a very special, original recipe, cheese on toast that he let us try!

Nick has so much talent!

Nicks future dream is to open a tea house in Sofia, Bulgaria. A tea house that is a café space that is also a place that you can watch the world go by while drinking and exploring the world of tea!

When Nick joined a tea festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, he sold out of all of his tea before the end of the festival and even had guests taking his contact details and ordering more from him afterwards. This is when he realised the potential of opening a tea café in Bulgaria in which he would stock high quality tea to satiate this demand!


It’s been 2 months since Nick  arrived at Obubu! So I asked him what he thought of Obubu life so far!


‘It was completely different from what I expected but of course  in a good way! Hahaha. Especially I feel that Obubu is not like a  regular company and is more like a family. I like this  relaxing atmosphere at Obubu!’


I’m so glad that he loves the Obubu family!


BristolChaiProject of Nick from here


By all means, check out his website and you will be able to see his passion for tea himself. The design is stunning and is definitely worth a  visit!


He’s not just focussed on Wazuka tea though, he  wants  to connect with farmers from all over Japan and also potters from different areas too  to be able to build an amazing community. So if anyone wants to move into the Bulgarian market then please by all means contact him in Bulgarian, English or Italian!


Moe Nakashima



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