Tea Club News

10 years have passed since Obubu tea farms started the tea club membership  system and supported by tea club members!

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It has been 10 years since we started our Tea Club Community and we are planning various new additions to renew the tea club membership system for the next 10 years!

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Totaling 35 countries!

What will we change?!

We are going to change three major things!


  1. We will change the content of the tea box!

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We will be sending 6 kinds of tea in pre portioned packets. Which we will ship to our members 4 times a year for a total of 24 kinds!

This is one of the largest requests of Tea Club Member, ‘we want to share delicious fresh tea with many friends and family!’ To respond to the feedback we received, we have started using pre-portioned 5 gram packets perfect for a single brewing session or to gift to a loved one.

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Nick who came from Bulgaria this winter worked very hard!

We want to keep the tea in the best condition until it is delivered, the warehouse has been renovated since December last year and will be used out from this March!

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All staff helped with the renovation! The interior is almost complete!

In addition, we would like to start a pre-order system for Teas at a special price or that are limited to members from May shipping in conjunction with the Tea Club Members shipment four times a year!

We want to strengthen the connection between Obubu and the member!