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Tea ZUKUSHI dish

Today, I taught tea tasting dishes to all intern students.

It’s possible to cook and eat tea!

The kinds of Tea we will use today:

  • Fresh tea leaf
  • Roasted Tea
  • Tea Powder
  • Brewed tea leaves
  • Tea

So please try by all means.

  • Fresh Tea Leaf Tempura

Because it isn’t time for the first tea of the season yet. Leaf we harvested last year was taken out of the freezer and defrosted.

It has been the leaf which withered a little as expected.

  • Hojicha Rice

When setting rice in a rice cooker here, the brewed roasted tea we chose is put in.

Used tea: Dark Roast Hojicha



  • Chopped Kabuse Sencha, Seasoned and Fried

Season the chicken with soy sauce, sake, and mix with finely chopped green tea.

The flavor of tea that is fragrant when fried.

Tea used: Kabuse Sencha



  • Tsukudani with brewed tea leaves

This is the tea garnish Tsukudani which is also offered at the lunch of the Obubu Tea Tour.

Season with sesame oil, soy sauce and sugar. Finally, mix the white sesame seeds!

Put the Tsukudani on hot rice.

The best combination!

Tea used: Kabuse Sencha



  • Omelet with Brewed Tea Leaves

Another time I would want another recipe here, however, the high-speed easy menu requirement leaves us with this delicious and easy dish.

It was fried with the brewed tea leaves in the omelet.

When serving, use some Matcha mixed with table salt sprinkled over the top of the omelet to complete the dish.

Used tea: Kabuse Sencha




  • Tofu Salad with Genmaicha dressing

This is also one of the easy recipes!

Any type of salad will do for this recipe.

This time we used hard tofu and a slice of tomato.


Used tea: Genmaicha Powder


✳︎ Recipe of Genmaicha dressing

Brown vinegar or cider vinegar – Tablespoon 2 ( balsamic vinegar also tastes good)

Olive oil – Tablespoon 2.

Salt – Teaspoon 1.

Genmaicha Powder – Teaspoon 2


These are mixed together thoroughly.


Now you know many ways to use tea in cooking! The teas I used are also delicious as well!

After we all sat down to eat, the food disappeared very quickly with not a single plate not empty!

I would like to promote cooking with tea as another away to consume this delicious product.

Share some tea with your friends and try out new recipes in the kitchen!




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