Tea Garden Update – I’m working on it!

Good morning(*^^*)
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s me, Akky!
How are you doing?
It’s getting warmer these days and the pollen is flying and flying.
My nose just won’t stop running today!
Well, this time we will continue with the previous re-planting project 😊

I put in the bamboo last time and then backfilled it.
From here, we can start replacing the soil on the surface with soil from deeper underground!

The surface soil is weak from years of use, and grass seeds have fallen out, so we will replace it with fresh soil from underground!

Also, pull out the tea roots on the surface and bury them in the ground!

When you dig a hole, you may hit a big rock 😅.
There are few large stones here and the rocks are found from from a certain depth.

We then also bury these big rocks underground❗

Like this!
Then, the replaced soil is cleaned up and tilled.

The soil is piled up to make it easier to plant the seedlings.
Also, finish the fluffy areas, being careful not to walk on them with the excavator!

We will continue this process for a while!
We will plant the seedlings on March 12 – so if you have time please come help 🙇.
You can sign up here!

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