Welcome to Tea Planting!

Hello everyone!
How are you doing?
It’s getting warmer during the daytime these days!
Risshun has passed and the tea season is just around the corner😄.
This time it’s a planting change!

Replanting is not about having dinner together ❗️….
Plant again! The first is “the start time”.
Due to the old age of the predecessor, Mr. Yabukita ↓.

Some of the plants were dying in places, they were not healthy, and they were not yielding much during the harvest any more 😱.
So we decided to replant in order to produce more delicious teas.

First, cut the tea garden with a large weed whacker!
Then we use an excavator to dig trenches and fill them with bamboo to improve underground drainage routes!

Then, we will spread bamboo poles on top of it.

Cover the top with soil 😄.
This should help drain the water out of the basement smoothly!

From here we start replacing the surface soil with fresh soil from the underneath 😁.
And that’s it – that’s all for now!
Thank you 😭

– Akky

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