Hojicha Gold (80g)

Hojicha Gold is a delicate tea, made by roasting spring Sencha tea leaves. It is exquisite in color and aromatic in fragrance, with a gently roasted buttery sunflower taste. Its mellow elegance makes it a perfect meal accompaniment. It is low in caffeine and therefore also an enchanting evening tea.

Taste: Umami
Body: Medium
Texture: Rounded
Length: Medium
Harvest: May
Tea Cultivar: Mixed
Origin: Wazuka
Cultivation: Unshaded
Processing: Lightly Steamed, Rolled, Dried, Roasted

Nathan Chen

USA Intern #169 Ichi go ichi e (一期一会). It is the proverb we use to start our tea tours at Obubu and one of the first proverbs people learn in any Japanese class. It roughly translates as “one lifetime, one encounter”, and it is used to remind people that every moment and encounter in life […]

#2 Jean Rosas – France

Hiiiiiiiiii, I am Jean and I’ve been an Assistant Manager at Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms starting from April 2023. As the Assistant Manager position is for one year, I am now finishing my time here. I had a blast at Obubu and I can’t help but share about what the year has been like. However, […]

Symphony Chan

Name and intern number: #153 Symphony Chan Place of origin: Hong Kong  Age: 21  (Recent) favourite Japanese teas: Sencha (Koushun cultivar)  Awa-bancha ya or nah: Hmm… Instagram: sym_hitoritabi  Kabuse tea in the making! With the harvesting machine on my shoulder and shading material on my back Before Obubu–Just a tea leaf I am your stereotypical […]

Painting Two Countries with a Chawan by #145 Jia En

As someone who picked up ceramics as a hobby over the last two years during the pandemic, I was enamoured by Japan’s long pottery history and the relationship between tea and pottery. I decided to interview the ceramic craftsmen who built some of the chawans (matcha bowls) that Obubu uses for tea tours and carries […]

Spring Teas Are Here!

Hachijyu Hachiya symbolizes the 88 nights of spring and marks the beginning of the spring tea harvest, also known as Shincha. While the date fell officially on May 2nd, this year’s harvest came early — on April 26, to be exact. In fact, it was the earliest that Akky-san had ever harvested in his entire […]

President Akky introduces Obukucha

Hi! Hello everyone!! How are you doing!? Hello, my name is Akky!   Today, We would like to share with you how to brew Obukucha . And today we have a special guest. You haven’t heard of him yet! It’s Mr. Sato!   Mr. Sato is from Fukushima Prefecture. He is here in Wazuka to […]

The Roasted Bundle

To make the most of DHL’s 2KG shipping allowance we have put together a bundle with DHL shipping in mind to be able to make the shipping more economically friendly by creating different bundles!

For all you roasted tea lovers out there, we have the whole collection of Obubu’s roasted teas!

In this Tea Sample Bundle we have:

  • Basic Hojicha (80g)
  • Dark Roast Hojicha (80g)
  • Amber Hojicha (80g) x 2
  • Gold Hojicha (80g)
  • Tsugumi Kukicha (80g)
  • Suzume Kukicha (80g)
  • Kyobancha (200g)



Matcha ganache tart

What to do when it’s raining outside and you have free time ? Baking of course ! Today’s treat : matcha ganache tart ! This was a first trial, and finding the balance between sweetness and the subtle bitterness of matcha was quite a challenge. Got this idea one morning while talking with Hiroe, Akky-san’s […]

Frost Nightmare (10g)

A very rare and natural Japanese white tea composed of Spring shoots that froze and thawed overnight.
Its beautiful bright golden liquor reveals delicate malty notes with a light earthy undertone reminiscent of cooked vegetables.
At the same time, its slight saltiness and hints of citrus make this tea very refreshing.

Taste: Medium
Body: Light
Texture: Sharp
Length: Medium
Harvest: May
Tea Cultivar: Yabukita
Origin: Wazuka
Cultivation: Unshaded
Processing: Withered, Sun Dried

Obubu’s Original Tote Bag

Hello everyone~! It’s early March. In winter, when tea farming calms down a little, what are Obubu doing? Todays blog will be an exciting one! Obubu original tote bag is finally completed! ! This tote bag project is led by Marie of Obubu staff. The design, of course, the choice of tote bag fabric, the […]

Sweet Sakura Tea 2020

Sweet Sakura Tea Marie   Sweet cherry tea is also available this year!     What is Obubu Tea? Obubu Intern Raw Tea Sample Sakuracha This year, Obubu is preparing sweet cherry tea for spring! In Japan, cherry tea pickled with salt and plum vinegar is common and the most drunk, but for a few […]

Tea Club News

10 years have passed since Obubu tea farms started the tea club membership  system and supported by tea club members! It has been 10 years since we started our Tea Club Community and we are planning various new additions to renew the tea club membership system for the next 10 years! Totaling 35 countries! What […]

Memories of an Intern

Foreword Early in 2020 we had the pleasure of welcoming Ryuiti Izawa, a Japanese Masters Student, who studies tea at Shizuoka university. We are all so glad we were able to meet him and learn more about the details of tea genetics and diversity within it. He has written this blog post about his time […]

Replanting 2020

About Obubu’s activity this quarter, agricultural work and looking at tea plantations enjoying the agriculture. January Replanting 2020 If we are replanting an old tea garden to replant new tea trees, then we will do this during the winter.   These are the roots of a tea bush that is 40 years old.   As […]

White Enterprise Award!

[Thank you for the award] The White Enterprise Award and Special Commendation Award This time, Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms won the White Enterprise Award and Special Commendation Award.   The White Company Award was created six years ago with the wish of increasing the number of companies (white companies) who value their employees’ happiness, job […]

2020 Spring Handpicking Event

Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms Event – The events run through four seasons and are a tea farm tea picking experience, including Tea picking & tea making experience This year, it will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2020.   This is a photograph of the tea picking experience of spring of 2019 last year! The […]

Cuttings Day!

Hello everyone! It’s already January, aren’t you feeling under the weather with more cold and warm days? This time, I did the cutting with the help of our intern students! First, we cut the elongated tea branches and leaves directly from the field with scissors,  this becomes the base of the cuttings. Take the branches […]

Our New Warehouse!

We want to send tea from our new warehouse! There is a 150-year-old warehouse between Obubu Tea House and Obubu House. We make and also send the tea to our customers and our Tea Club Members! The refreshing aroma of the new tea season and the scent that the rich umami of freshly roasted green […]

Nick Kandilarov intern #115

  Today, I would like to introduce one of the interns!   This time it’s intern No.115, Nick from Bristol the United Kingdom originally from Bulgaria!   Speaking of Bulgaria, it is the country that everyone in Japan knows for its famous yogurt. Nick, moved to Bristol to five years ago and has been stocking […]

Kai’s Kitchen – Fine Tea and Brownies

Kai’s Kitchen Fine Teas and Brownies   Greeting friends. Well this is it. We’ve come a long way, but all good things must come to an end eventually. But don’t think that just because this is the last Kai’s Kitchen post, I didn’t want to make one last satisfying dish for you all. We’ve run […]

Kai’s Kitchen- Roasted Rice and Leafy Greens

Kai’s Kitchen Roasted Rice and Leafy Greens        Welcome back all! Welcome back to another mouth watering installment of Kai’s Kitchen! This week we are going to go for something a little lighter and more refreshing. The next dish we have is a palate cleanser, but is still deep and complex in flavor. […]