Europe Tour 2015

Euro tour 2015 title

The UK

1 London  3 Cotswolds  2 Oxford
25th September 26th,28th September 27th September
Japanese Tea Talk and Tasting in London Tea Tasting Workshops in Cotswolds Japanese Tea Workshops in Oxford


 4 Madrid   10 Dusseldorf  5 Barcelona
29th – 30th September 1st October 2nd October
Japanese Tea Workshops in Madrid Matcha Workshop in Barcelona Japanese Tea and Zen Event in Barcelona

The Netherlands

 7 Hague  8 Amsterdam
3rd-4th October 5th October
Japanese Tea Workshops in the Hague Japanese Tea Event in Amsterdam


 9 Milan
6h-7th October
Japanese Tea Workshops in Milan


 6 Barcelona
8h-9th October
Japanese Tea Events in Dusseldorf


 11 Metz
10th October
Japanese Tea Event in Metz