Genmaicha, Yuzu and Honey Panna Cotta

Hi tea lovers!!

Today, I’m going to introduce you an Italian recipe called « panna cotta » which is very famous sweet in the world.

This is a speciality from a north region of Italy called (Piedmont) and it was invinted in the early 19 century by a Hungarian woman.

The term « panna cotta » means cooked cream and this is the main concept of this recipe. The cream, with gelatin getting thicken and has a creamy and soft texture. It is usually served with a fruit sauce or fruit itself.

I really like this recipe because you can decline it as you want (coffee, vanilla, caramel ect…).
Of course I chose a tea one and as it is the season of in Japan, I decided to add a yuzu flavor in ! Yuzu is a citrus fruit from Japan, so if you can’t find any, just take some lemon juice that will be fine too !

I also wanted to add some crunch for this recipe, I immediately tought of the famous biscuit from my region of France : The Breton palet.


Let’s do it now !


Ingredients: (for 10 persons)

For the Breton Palet:

45gr salted butter (if you don’t have, add 1 pinch of salt in your butter)

3gr baking powder

40gr sugar

70gr flour

1 tblspoon vanilla extract

(You’ll have leftover biscuits)


For the Panna Cotta:

50 cl liquid cream

50gr sugar

1 tea spoon honey

1 yuzu juice

6gr genmacha powder (Find the Obubu’s one here: )

1 tblspoon vanilla extract

Either 2,5 gelatin sheet or ¾ gelatin powder bag



First  realise your Panna Cotta:

If you get powder gelatin, pour it in a bowl with 2,5 water teaspoon. But if you get sheet gelatin put them on a bowl with cold water.

In a sauce pan add your cream, honey, sugar, yuzu juice, vanilla and heat them on low flame.

When the first boiling bubble appear remove your pan from fire and add genmachapowder and your gelatin if it’s sheet gelatin. Mixed your preparation.

Wait a few minutes if it is powder gelatin before add it.

Spill your pana cotta in some glass cup (I chose to use some tea cup here) and leave it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Now prepare your Breton palet :

With a fourk, crush your butter to make it soft.
In a medium container whisk yolk egg and sugar to bleach it. Add your butter, and finally your flour and baking powder. Spread the dough for about 1 or 1,5cm thickness and put it on your freezer for 15-20min.

Pre-heat your oven at 175°C and bake your biscuit for 10 or 15min according to your oven power.

Let it cold down and crumble it, add some genmacha powder and blend it.

For the topping of the Panna Cotta, I put some roasted rice which  is the speciality of this tea (Genmai げんまい means roasted rice and Cha 茶 means green tea, so Genmaicha is green tea with roasted rice!).

As it was more aesthetic , I left it as is and let people add the biscuit when serving !



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