Figs and praliné pie

Hello ! This is actually the fig season and I had the opportunity to get some from a fig farm ! So I decided to bake with and after searching for I find a delicious recipe of fig pie with praliné.  Altought I was inspired by another recipe  I modifided some parts off the recipe and also add wakoucha inside.

It is composed with a praliné paste which is one of the most paste use on the french pastry world! And this is also one of my favourite flavour!

It is simply oilseeds that are crushed with caramel until the oil is extracted from the fruit. Do not confused by praline! Which is it quite the same ingredients (usuallly without almond) but they are not mixed into a paste. The roasted hazelnuts with the sugar are juste chopped into a crunchy preparation!


Praliné :

150gr almonds

150gr hazelnuts

150gr sugar

1cac salt

1,5 table spoon of vanilla extract


Sugar dough

100g butter

60gr icing sugar

25gr Almond powder

40gr eggs

1 pinch of salt

185gr flour

8gr wakoucha powder


Pralin cream

60gr butter

110gr praliné

40gr eggs

4gr coarnstarch

70gr liquid cream


12 fig


First realise your praliné.

To do this, roast your oilseeds on the oven at 170°C for 15min. Next to it, make your dry caramel. Put your sugar in a sauce pan and heat it in low/medium fire. Don’t touch until some sugar starts to dissolve. With a spatula mix little by little in this areas of sugar to disperse the melted sugar.

Be delicate and patient 😊

When all the sugar is dissolve wait a brown color while continuing to mix to avoid burning caramel!

Spill your caramel over your roasted oilseed and let it sit until cold down.

Put the half in your blender with half of salt and vanilla and blend it until it becomes a paste. It may take a little time. Then you can make the other half of your praliné !


Now realise your sugar dough !

Mix your butter until smooth aspect. Then, add icing sugar, almond powder, salt and eggs.

Mix it all together until you get homogeneous texture. Finally add the flour and the black tea powder and fart it but not too much, just until you get the dought .

Spread your dought between two sheet cooking with rolling pin for about 5mm of thickness.

Put it on the fridge for 45min.


You can make your praliné cream in the meantime !


Very easy to make, whisk together, soft butter and the praliné. Then add eggs and coarnstarch and mix it again before adding the cream and mixing one last time.


Fill your pie tins with the sugar dough and prick them with a fork. Put on the oven for 10 min at 170°C ,this will allow them to be preheated.

Garnish your pie with pralin cream, cut your fig into 6 parts and arrange them on the pies.

Finally put your pies on the oven 50min at 155°C, it is quite long but this allows to remove the humidity from the fig.

After baking, figs look like garlic cloves !  You can add some almonds on the top for the decoration !

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